Monday, October 13, 2008

Introducing....... Magnificent Moneybags MEGS

Hi My name is MEGS which stands for:


I have 7 amazing children, oh yah I must not forget my 8th child who is my favorite....... TK!! (aside from Mishaun)
Well lets just say I may not be her own biological child but I know she wishes I was (could we even imagine Mishaun & I growing up in the same house).  Anywho may we count all the ways we love our MEGS oh soo much......

  1. Her infamous giving HEART
  2. Her Smartalickness
  3. Her cookie jar (we all know what's inside)
  4. Our lunch dates
  5. Our girls trips (hee hee NY??)
  6. Her perspective
  7. Her daughter (mishaun)
  8. Her Bank
  9. Her texting
  10. Her wittiness
So I must say for a LADY with so many wonderful qualities how could you not love her and her cookie jar!!  We LOVE you MEGS!!


Gramma J said...

And here I always thought I was the true and only 8th child in this family. Hmmmm Oh Well, I'll gladly settle for #9. Besides, I've never seen the magic cookie jar and that's OK. I would love Megsy even if she was as poor as me. But that room on Times Square sure was SWEET! Can we do that again?? ;-) xoxo

MEGS said...

Oops, I was going to comment begore gramma j got here. I, too, thought she said she was 8th. Oh well, 9 is as good or better. Huh TK? I can't believe I had so many 'children!' But as long as they keep grinning it's ok! Where too next??

MEGS said...

Megs didn't say all this. Some ghost must have!!

T.K. said...

Ma u scared I thought I was really in trouble there for a min. But just so you know Josh told me to put magnificent moneybags megs, you know I love you a little more than that right?? LOL