Monday, October 13, 2008

Trips w/ the CHICKS

Tim Mcgraw & Faith concert in SLC
Cheesecake Factory in Las Vegas
Blue Man Group
Celine Dion concert
I forgot my bra in Vegas


Gramma J said...

my bra isn't all I forgot.....after that roller coaster ride ;0) when's the next adventure???

T.K. said...

Come on Megs I know you can do it, let's see a darn post. I know your technical savy!!

Nancy and Russell said...

I want your be YOUR FRIEND! How come you get to have so much FUN!!! I know, I know... you deserve it! Really though, I didn't know all the exciting things you have been up to unitl I ran across your blogg. (Through TK's)
Isn't technology great!

Hi! said...

My favorite 4th grade teacher. Not to mention a great family member. :)